Clivia Miniata……makes me sounds very clever…

Clivia Miniata …make me sound very clever, but it actually is only the scientific name for what we all know as the “Clivia”.  Called the “South African Lilly” by a lot of the locals.


This time of year, as soon as spring has arrived, you see these amazing flowers all over town and in our beautiful hotel’s garden.

Clivias do not form bulbs, but they do produce berries as fruits.  Like most South African plants, we – South Africans – will find some kind of herbal remedy in almost everything.  Well, the Clivia plant, is effective in treating pain, muscle stimulation and fever.

One of the reasons why I will always be Proudly South African!



Spring…makes everything young again!

Spring…makes everything young again!   …and so we are starting another season.  We are on the way to summer, yippee!, but also busy recovering from the Great Knysna Fires in June, a merely 3 months ago.


With Spring in the air, it is like a new dawn has broken and we are ready for what lies ahead.  Getting ready for guests. Yes, we, Knysna is very happy to have all the visitors and showing them that we are still “alive”.


Spring is more than a season for our locals, it is a state of mind.  A start of a new beginning. And without a new beginning, there would be no Butterflies!

Happy Spring to everyone.           

Knysna Rises…

Following the devastating Knysna Fires, a decision has been made that the Pick n Pay Knysna Oyster Festival will go ahead.  Knysna needs your support.  Come to Knysna and support the festival events and our local businesses so that we can start to rebuild our town.

Knysna is open for business and the beauty of the region remains.  The festival promises to be abuzz with fun, food, and drink for the full 10 days.

Last minute bookings:   

Knysna Log-Inn still standing strong…

Knysna Log-Inn still standing strong…

Inferno Wednesday, 07th June 2017, would be a day that no one in Knysna will ever  forget.

knysna fire.png

It is with a sad heart that we look upon our beautiful town and see all the sadness and destruction everywhere.  It felt as if Knysna became a reality show, no, more like a survivor show set in a sea of flames.  Words cannot describe to anyone what it feels like as you drive through town and you see the reality as the smoke subside for an hour or so.

But, (and for all the Grammar -fundi’s… and my high school English Teacher, I know one do not start a sentence with “but”), BUT, there is a big “but” to this.  When you drive through town and you also see how people are getting together, people helping each other, you get shivers that run down your spine.  People that have lost their homes and everything they own, still come and ask you if you are okay and need anything or any help.

Trucks from here, there and everywhere, Gauteng, Cape Town, you name the place and they have sent something.  Water, blankets, toothbrushes, eye drops and the list just go on.  When you see a nation that all step in and help everyone.  Small kids helping to pack hampers for the homeless, handing our water and blankets.  This is when you just stand still for a moment and realize that we live in a country where people still care for people.

A BIG BIG thank you to all of the hardworking men and women out there that are constantly fighting to stop the inferno that was surrounding our little town and keep flaring up here and there.  (I have typed this sentence ten times already, but I just cannot get a word that is big enough to say just how thankful we are.)

The Knysna Log-Inn Hotel is still standing strong.  Untouched by the flames and thankful for it.  We thank everyone that has taken the time to drop an email, called or popped in.  Agents, Tour Operators, previous guests, suppliers, even some of the Consulates (this one made me feel really important).  You guys (and girls) are the reason we do what we do.

THANK YOU             

Fluffy, sweet, and full of air….no, not me…Marshmallows!

Fluffy, sweet, and full of air….no, not me…Marshmallows!


Fluffy, sweet, and full of air, marshmallows as we know them are an unhealthy treat…..or so we were told.

What we do not realise, is that our favourite “sweeties”, originate from Althaea officicalis, a PLANT. Grown in Europe and western Asia, this plant grows up to 6 feet tall and have light pink flowers.  It is a member of the mallow family and grows in wet marshy areas…..ta-da….making marshmallows.

When did people start using this plant:  around 9th century BCE.

Who:  the Greeks.

How:  Made a balm from the sap and also grounded the leaves.

For what:  to heal wounds, soothe sore throats, toothaches, bee stings, used as Anti-inflammatory , a laxative, a treatment really for everything from upset stomachs to chest colds and insomnia.

The Ancient Egyptians were the first ones to make a sweet treat from the plant, when they combined marshmallow sap with nuts and honey. The dish bore no resemblance to today’s marshmallows, and was reserved for the nobility. The gods were supposedly big fans, as well.

So, what is the model of this story?  Eat more Marshmallows!             


Why visit Knysna….

Why visit Knysna….because local is lekker and all the locals are even more lekker.

When you can travel the word, why choose Knysna.  Knysna, situated in the heart of the Garden Route, the pearl of the oyster.

One get onto the Knysna spirit the moment you drive along the N2 and start seeing the Knysna Lagoon.  Joggers and cyclists and parents with kids and dogs walking all along the lagoon.  The forest, the mountains, the Knysna Heads, the beaches.


We are going to take our time and explore our beautiful Knysna….WHY?  Because Local is really lekker.