Clivia Miniata……makes me sounds very clever…

Clivia Miniata …make me sound very clever, but it actually is only the scientific name for what we all know as the “Clivia”.  Called the “South African Lilly” by a lot of the locals.


This time of year, as soon as spring has arrived, you see these amazing flowers all over town and in our beautiful hotel’s garden.

Clivias do not form bulbs, but they do produce berries as fruits.  Like most South African plants, we – South Africans – will find some kind of herbal remedy in almost everything.  Well, the Clivia plant, is effective in treating pain, muscle stimulation and fever.

One of the reasons why I will always be Proudly South African!



Spring…makes everything young again!

Spring…makes everything young again!   …and so we are starting another season.  We are on the way to summer, yippee!, but also busy recovering from the Great Knysna Fires in June, a merely 3 months ago.


With Spring in the air, it is like a new dawn has broken and we are ready for what lies ahead.  Getting ready for guests. Yes, we, Knysna is very happy to have all the visitors and showing them that we are still “alive”.


Spring is more than a season for our locals, it is a state of mind.  A start of a new beginning. And without a new beginning, there would be no Butterflies!

Happy Spring to everyone.