Knysna Log-Inn still standing strong…

Knysna Log-Inn still standing strong…

Inferno Wednesday, 07th June 2017, would be a day that no one in Knysna will ever  forget.

knysna fire.png

It is with a sad heart that we look upon our beautiful town and see all the sadness and destruction everywhere.  It felt as if Knysna became a reality show, no, more like a survivor show set in a sea of flames.  Words cannot describe to anyone what it feels like as you drive through town and you see the reality as the smoke subside for an hour or so.

But, (and for all the Grammar -fundi’s… and my high school English Teacher, I know one do not start a sentence with “but”), BUT, there is a big “but” to this.  When you drive through town and you also see how people are getting together, people helping each other, you get shivers that run down your spine.  People that have lost their homes and everything they own, still come and ask you if you are okay and need anything or any help.

Trucks from here, there and everywhere, Gauteng, Cape Town, you name the place and they have sent something.  Water, blankets, toothbrushes, eye drops and the list just go on.  When you see a nation that all step in and help everyone.  Small kids helping to pack hampers for the homeless, handing our water and blankets.  This is when you just stand still for a moment and realize that we live in a country where people still care for people.

A BIG BIG thank you to all of the hardworking men and women out there that are constantly fighting to stop the inferno that was surrounding our little town and keep flaring up here and there.  (I have typed this sentence ten times already, but I just cannot get a word that is big enough to say just how thankful we are.)

The Knysna Log-Inn Hotel is still standing strong.  Untouched by the flames and thankful for it.  We thank everyone that has taken the time to drop an email, called or popped in.  Agents, Tour Operators, previous guests, suppliers, even some of the Consulates (this one made me feel really important).  You guys (and girls) are the reason we do what we do.

THANK YOU