Back to School…

So, 2017 has finally begun and finally time to set all of those promised New Year’s resolutions to work.  We all have them, even if we say we don’t, we still secretly have them, telling everyone that we do not make them.  We do this so that we do not feel disappointed for not keeping them.

Well, mine has started with a bang.  A Bang, but nothing else.  Let’s just get the year started.  Let us wait for the 4th… and I am still waiting for myself, but I work with a plan.  The kids have gone back to school and it is time for all of the parents to take a break.

Back-To-School-Special-Banner.jpg Let things settle back in and remember:

28th January 2017 is Chinese New Year – that is when our resolutions will all kick in.


Book our Back to School Special now:   


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