Juhst ONE (hic) glasshh of (hic) wyne…

Just one glass is enough…  Last night, The Knysna Log-Inn Hotel, were happy to host another successful wine tasting to one of our big groups.  As you can see, Danny, our barman, only pours everyone one glass of wine!

wt 2.jpg

Danny has been in the trade since before I was born and he is the Expert.  He says that describing a wine compares to writing a poem; not as easy as it would seem. Every wine tasting experience is unique because every one of us is an inimitable individual, with our own stock of aromas and flavours in memory and senses of taste and smell different to anyone else’s.

Those with a privileged nose are able to identify aromas of substances actually present in the wine. Apart from that, tasters have to explain the impressions the wine created in their mind. For all this reasons, no description of a wine tasting is ever wrong.

wt 1.jpg

Come shtay (hic) with ush and (hic) enjoy juhst ONE (hic) glasshh of wyne.

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Spot the Stingray…

Spot the Stingray…

Trying to get some exercise in Knysna is hard work.  While taking a jog on our beautiful bricked promenade alongside the lagoon earlier this week, a certain shop “forced” me to end my rigid routine with a “draairoomys”, an ice-cream.  My “takkies” came to a screeching halt.  Now my exercise has turned to a walk – have you ever tried to jog with an ice-cream in one hand?

Well, good thing I did.  While walking along the marina at the Knysna Waterfront, much to my surprise, I spotted these amazing creatures in our lagoon…Stingrays.  Luckily I had my phone with me to take a few photos. I have to carry it in case I have to call “911”, for someone else of course.

Apparently they like to rest on the bottom of shallow water.  A stingray is difficult to see, even in clear water. At times, they are almost invisible. They act lazy and spend most of their time in a relaxed state, partially buried in the soft sand expending little energy…just moving with the flow of the surf in shallow water.

They camouflage themselves with their coloration that reflects the brownish shade of the ocean floor.  Like a chameleon, they can change their colour slightly as they burrow into the shallow sand.

Come stay with us, we will tell you where we find the Stingrays AND the “draairoomys”

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The Moon made me do it….

The Moon made me do it….

knysna full moon.jpg

So, my alarm is set for 05h30 this morning.  In anticipation I force myself out of bed.  I make coffee, because this morning, I will experience the most spectacular Supermoon since 1948 that will light up the sky, appearing 14 percent bigger and 30 percent brighter than usual.

..BUT then, it started to rain and no moon was visible…eish.  At least I took the opportunity last night to view the moon and to describe this in my small vocabulary, was fantastic, enormous, amazing.  I will try again tonight to take my binoculars and just maybe I am lucky.


This Supermoon is described as “undeniably beautiful” by American space agency Nasa – and is the result of the moon coming closer to Earth than it has done for 69 years.

Nothing will match it until the moon makes a similar approach on November 25 2034.

Have you looked at the moon?

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