‘‘Young at Heart and Never Been Kissed’

‘‘Young at Heart and Never Been Kissed’.   Haul out the fabulous costumes, the feathers and all the pride you can get! The fantastic and fun Pink Loerie Mardi Gras and Arts Festival is back for its annual glittery takeover of Knysna from Wednesday, 27 April to Sunday, 1 May 2016.


Spectacular and colourful, the theme for this year is  ‘‘Young at Heart and Never Been Kissed’.  Our tranquil Garden Route dorpie now host five days of shows, entertainment, pageants and heaps of over-the-top festivities.


And let’s not forget the grand finale of the Pink Loerie Mardi Gras – the Parade and after-party!  Held on Saturday, the festival attracts floats, performers and DJ’s from all over the world and local businesses also get into the spirit, competing for the best Pink Loerie window display.

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EISH… 240 Players and over 130 matches in 3 days!

EISH… 240 Players and over 130 matches in 3 days!  This is the annual Girls u13 Netball Festival that is hosted by Sport at Backward Point at Knysna Primary School from 30 April to 01 May 2016.

netbal 177.jpg

There are 21 teams taking part from all over the Eastern and Western Cape this year, including the Knysna Primary School girls.  The festival is a pre-season, friendly festival where the teams jump-start their season and bond as a team.

netbal 081.jpg

The coaching team from EP, Reg and Jenny Sharp and provincial players Sameshia and Mudi bring their super energy, skills and experience which benefits the players and coaches. The Knysna Log-Inn is proud to host these coaches after a long day, they can relax and unwind in our Luxurious rooms.

netbal 062.jpg

Do you need to come and watch this wonderful event, contact us and arrange your stay?  The Knysna Log-Inn is just 5 minutes’ walk from the Netball fields.

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The Last of our amazing 5 lakes … Eilandvlei

The Last of our amazing 5 lakes … Eilandvlei.

island lake.jpg

Eilandvlei is one of the most popular recreational lakes of the Garden Route. It has a yacht club and caravan park along its banks.

island lake sailing.jpg

Eilandvlei, als known as Island Lake, gets most of its water from the Duiwe River and has a narrow channel that links it to Langvlei. It feeds the The Touws River through a 5km long snakelike watercourse that goes through a dense reed bed.

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Photography haven…

…Rondevlei and Langevlei, the 3rd & 4th of our amazing 5 lakes, is definitely any photographer’s dream.


Take a picnic basket AND your camera, because you will definitely be taking some wonderful photos.  These lakes are what Birding is all about.

Rondevlei bird hide.jpg

Rondevlei has a wooden hide with windows of three side, situated in the reedbeds, ideal for spotting an array of birds.  Some of the regularly spotted birds: African Spoonbills, Southern Pochard, Pied and Malachite Kingfishers, Black Crake with its red legs and fat yellow beak and Fish Eagles are regularly spotted.

fish eagle.jpeg

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Number 2 on our list…

The 2nd of our amazing 5 lakes … Swartvlei

Unlike the other 4 Lakes, Swartvlei embraces a lake, lagoon & estuary. It is divided into a fresh water section at the upper region and a salt water in the entrance to the sea that is  influenced by the tides.

bridge swartvlei.jpg

For the most part it is left for nature to dictate the opening and closing of the Swartvlei river mouth. However, because of human settlements, it sometimes needs “manual” intervention from time to time.


Swartvlei’s history reveals a drowned river valley created 16,000-45,000 years ago by the merging of three rivers: The Hôekraal, Wolwe and Karatara Rivers. The waters gradually receded to a lake. It is darkened by the humic forest vegetation through which these rivers flow.


In a tidal phase a mouth broke through the dunes giving the lake access to the sea at Sedgefield. The river use to flow directly into the sea at the place known as Swartvlei beach, but over thousands of years erosion and wind caused the more meandering route into the ocean where it it is today.

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