Number 1 on our list…

The 1st of our amazing 5 lakes, is Groenvlei.

Groenvlei 2

Covering about 3 square kilometers on the outer eastern end, Groenvlei is the most unique of our Lakes. It is the only fresh water lake with no inlet or outlet. Depending on rainfall and evaporation, the levels can fluctuate by nearly 2 meters. The clear water is colored aquamarine by the reflection of sunlight on green algae against the calcium rich white lake floor and the greenery around the lake.


The clear waters are pleasant to swim in, but difficult to access except at the few boat jetties as the banks have lots of reeds and grass. In centuries past, it is to believe that hippos, elephants, buffaloes, eland and bushbuck came here to drink.


Glimmering with the first light of dawn…

Glimmering with the first light of dawn, all appears magical.  Walking on the edge with the sun playing in the water and smelling the damp grass early in the morning. This idyllic scene took my breath away.  Untouched by wind and rain, it was still and restful.  The only sound I could hear was the wind through the tall grass and the Fish Eagle hunting for breakfast.

GR Lakes.jpg

This is why I love living in Knysna and the Garden Route.  The 5 Garden Route Lakes provide recreation and sustenance to man and beast whilst enhancing the natural beauty of this already scenic landscape.


Come back and experience each one of these lakes.

The best kept secret…

The best kept secret…is winter in the Garden Route.  Temperatures start cooling down from about April (autumn) but it is still very pleasant right throughout the winter.  Winter days are generally bright and warm, but it gets cold in the evening.

average temp in Knysna

The Garden Route enjoys probably the mildest climate in South Africa. It is subject to rainfall all year round and has a Mediterranean climate. Temperatures average above 25°C in summer months, and daily highs in winter average 20°C.  In winter, lows rarely fall below 10°C.

average rain in Knysna

Book your winter holiday now.  Winter months is quieter, and the cooler days are great for hiking and exploring.  We will keep you busy for days.

When the bush beckons…

…Then the Diepwalle forest is calling you!  The Elephant Hiking Trails in the Diepwalle forest is unbelievable.  With clear streams that will entice you to stop, rest and explore and let the mysterious beauty of the forest seep into your soul.


The White Elephant Trail

  • 8km from forest station or 6.5km from Diepwalle picnic site, easy, circular route
  • This one has the most enticing rock pool where you can stop for a picnic and even cool down in summer.

white ellie.jpg

The Black Elephant Trail

  • 9km, easy, circular route, start at forestry station
  • This trail passes through both the Ysterhoutrug and King Edward VII picnic sites.

black ellie.jpg

Red Elephant Trail

  • 7km, moderate, circular route, start at forestry station.
  • Crosses a little stream exactly halfway ideal for a lunch stop.


Don’t just walk here, explore what has been given to you.  Huge yellowwood & stinkwood trees, the vast variety of fungi, the fynbos, vervet monkeys (the little naughty guys of our forest) and even the Knysna Loerie.

….and then you get tired…..time to check-inn into the Knysna Log-Inn Hotel.