“Wa gwaan” or “Yes I”

…..This is how the Rastafarians greet you when you get out of your car at Judah Square in Knysna.

Brother Zebulon

(above) Bra Zeb from Judah Square

The Judah Square Rastafarian village in Knysna was founded in 1993, and is the largest Rastafarian community in South Africa. You can do a walking tour of the community and overnight in the Rastafarian community.

Judah Square Rasta religious ceremony

(above) Religious meeting at Judah Square

cellphones off

(above) Switch off!

The Rasta community invites people into their homes to experience their culture.  In this community you’ll find yourself at the grass roots of the locals and a vibrant mixture of energies. Visit the music room with the musicians; visit the tabernacle during religious ceremonies. Spend a few hours, a day or stay overnight feeling the Rasta vibration. The Rasta community has a strong sense of community, a deep love of children and the deep personal conviction that the world can be a better place.

school kids

(above) Happy Rastafarian School Kids

Fast Facts:

  • Dreadlocks– symbolize the mane of the lion of Judah, and are required in the bible:
  • Vegetarianism– Rastas prefer organic food. They don’t drink alcohol, milk, coffee and soft drinks, which are seen as unnatural. Meals are eaten in the rawest form possible, without salt, preservatives or condiments.
  • Rasta Colors:
  • Red The blood of Africa’s children shed for Africa’s freedom, dignity and liberty.
  • Yellow – The wealth and richness of Africa.
  • Green – The luxuriance, fertility and greenness of Africa.
  • Black –  The color of the noble, ancient and distinguished African people.
  • Marijuana – Ganja (Marijuana) is considered the ‘wisdom weed’ by Rastafarians, as its use helps one to gain wisdom.
  • ‘I and I’ – The expression “I and I” is frequently heard among Rasta talk. What it means is that all people are totally equal.


(above) Always Happy and Friendly!

Honor (hon-nah)- a Rastafarian good-bye.


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