The Knysna Seahorse….


The Knysna Seahorse or Cape seahorse is actually a species of fish and will only be found on the the south coast of South Africa.

Did you know……

The Knysna seahorse is medium-sized (8-12cm)

Seahorses does not have a stomach

Knysna seahorses have the smallest geographical range of any seahorse and can be found in 3 estuaries, Knysna, Swartvlei and Keurbooms

Knysna seahorses mature within 1 year after birth, at approximately 6.5cm in length.  AND of course one of its unique and unusual characteristic of sea horses is that the males carry the babies in a true pregnancy.  Between 7 and 200 babies will hatch after a gestation period of 14-45 days (depending on the water temperature).

Hope my wife doesn’t get any funny ideas after reading this…..


Giving an African Fish Eagle its attitude back…

 It is sad day indeed if you are a Majestic African Fish Eagle, and you loose your attitude….

That is what happened to the African Fish Eagle below.

A resident fish eagle of Rondevlei was lucky to escape becoming a statistic when it was rescued by Tim Carr on his Rondevlei estate, Reflections Eco Reserve in May 2015 – as per an article in the George Herald.

The bird was so weak that Carr was able to put it in a box before calling Dennis Robson from Radical Raptors, Plettenberg for assistance.

Fish Eagle 1

Photo, by Nikki Smit, showing Dennis Robson of Radical Raptors measuring the wingspan of the African Fish Eagle.

After 48 hours, the bird began showing some sign of strength returning and, according to Forrest, after 72 hours he started showing a little ‘attitude’, which is “a very good sign”. From then on the bird steadily made enough progress for Robson to proceed with a test flight.

Robson and Forrest journeyed back to Rondevlei on May 13 with a healthy, strong and feisty African fish eagle.

Fish Eagle 2

Thanks to, among others, Mark Brown (Nature’s Valley Trust), Dennis Robson and daughter Julia (Radical Raptors) and Minke Witteveen (Nature’s Valley Trust) the sick African fish eagle was nursed back to health and released back into the wild. Photo: Nikki Smit.

From the bottom of our hearts, we at the Knysna Log-Inn Hotel, would like to thank all the people who go the extra mile to make a difference in the lives of sick and weak animals.

We are incredibly lucky with so many amazing vets in the area. In this case the vets who helped were:- Dr Rolf Lamprecht of Knysna Veterinary Clinic, Dr Jannie Naude of Plettenberg Bay Veterinary Clinic.

Photo of another African Fish Eagle, with attitude, in flight, grabbing lunch.

Fish eagle 3

“African fish eagle just caught fish” by Mehmet Karatay

Enchanting Knysna Forest

Did you know that two of our hiking Trails in the Knysna Forest received “Green Flag” status?

Both Perdekop (9.5km nature walk) and Olifants hiking trail in Diepwalle were accredited by the Hiking Organisation of Southern Africa during May 2015.


What does this mean? This is a global benchmark for hiking trails and includes the following criteria: Conservation status, health and safety measures, cleanliness and maintenance, sustainability and management.

Take a picnic basket, put on comfortable shoes and enjoy the beauty of our Forest. Do not forget your camera.

Both trails are easy enough if you can spend hours in a shopping mall. There are pools in the streams where one can cool down and take in the greenery.

Yes, you can drink the stream water although it is brown. This is due to tannins from leaves in the water.

Diepwalle      Diepwalle2

Proteas, Proteas, Proteas…..and not the cricket players.

Tannie FlowersFlowers1

Every Thursday morning, I sit, in anticipation to see what ‘Tannie Bestbier “ will bring today.  She supplies the Knysna Log-Inn with fresh bunches of Proteas and Fynbos every week……And never has she disappointed us.  She grows her own proteas and fynbos, just outside of Knysna.  I think she has the best “job” ever! We are so fortunate living in this beautiful town in the middle of the Garden Route.

Amazing Ballet in Knysna……


Thank you Knysna/ Sedgefield Hospice for hosting this amazing show.

For the past 14 years Hospice has been hosting this event to raise funds for all of the hard hard work they do in our local community.

The “Joburg Ballet” had a week-long programme showcasing incredible classical and contemporary dancing. They even invited learners from local schools to attend their dress rehearsal…….wow…truly an amazing experience.