Doane Choir, Crete, Nebraska

Doane Choir, Crete, Nebraska

The Knysna Log-Inn Hotel is proud to be the home of the Doane Choir (all the way from Crete, Nebraska) for the duration of their stay in Knysna.  We all look forward to the concert at the Knysna Vineyard church this evening at 19H00. Absolutely free.

Doane University Choir

The Doane Choir is the college’s premier choral ensemble. Continuing students audition in the spring and new students audition in the fall. Membership is based on these auditions and takes into consideration both musical talent and ensemble needs.

Members rehearse four times a week for a total of four-and-one-half hours.  


Travelling singers on our “Stoep”

Travelling singers on our “Stoep”

What a way to start Easter weekend with a choir at your front door.

The Knysna Log-Inn Hotel had the privilege of the Choverband Otto Elben Travelsingers spending the night at the Hotel.  After breakfast this morning, they entertained us, our guests and the public with a few songs.  We all loved it!

With that, we wish all of our friends and family, happy “high notes” this Easter.  Travel safely.           

When your guests start to GROWL……

How quickly can you clear your mind?  Check out…Get in…Buckle up.  Your right foot hovers expectantly above the pedal.  With the V8 biturbo engine, the Mercedes-AMG C63 starts to growl.

This is what is sounded like when a group of guests left the hotel this morning.  They have the privilege to test drive these magnificent vehicles through-out our beautiful country.

With its brawny corners and well-defined muscles it sends an unmistakable signal:

“You don’t have time to procrastinate”

0-100km/h in 4.1 seconds

4.0-Liter V8 Engine

Need I say more…           

The South African X..Y..Z…

The South African ABC…  continues


I is for izit – when saying : “is that so?’

J is for JOL – a good party we know!

K is for kaalgat – if you dare to go bare.

L is for lekker – a tasty affair.

M is for Moegoe – a fool in his prime.

N is for NOW NOW – we’re on African time.

O is for oke – that dude over there.

P is for PAS OP – you had better beware.

Q is for quarter bunny – Durban’s favourite meal.

R is for rock up – so pitch when you feel.

S is for sies – when it’s really not nice.

T is for tune – when we give you advice.

U is for ubuntu – compassionate and kind.

V is for voetsek – not for dogs of mankind.

W is for walkie talkies – chicken feet and the beak.

X is for Xhosa – who click when they speak.

Y is for YEBO – a definite yes.

Z is for zebra – a spectacular dress.           

The South African A..B..C…


The South African ABC…  This weak we are going to teach you the South Africa ABC.

A is for Aikona! – ‘no never’ we cry.

B is for babelaas – too much to drink at the braai.

C is for CHOW –  food fit for a King.

D is for dinges – to explain “that thing”.

E is for eina – when it hurts really bad.

F is for fundi – the one who knows more.

G is for GOGOS – the Grannies we loves.

H is for Hadeda – a South Africa dove.

watch this space, the rest to follow…           

Clivia Miniata……makes me sounds very clever…

Clivia Miniata …make me sound very clever, but it actually is only the scientific name for what we all know as the “Clivia”.  Called the “South African Lilly” by a lot of the locals.


This time of year, as soon as spring has arrived, you see these amazing flowers all over town and in our beautiful hotel’s garden.

Clivias do not form bulbs, but they do produce berries as fruits.  Like most South African plants, we – South Africans – will find some kind of herbal remedy in almost everything.  Well, the Clivia plant, is effective in treating pain, muscle stimulation and fever.

One of the reasons why I will always be Proudly South African!